It has been shown that what happens during pregnancy, including what you eat, can have a long term affect on your baby’s health.

Some benefits to eating healthy during pregnancy include:

  • Healthy weight gain (easier to get back to prepregnancy weight)
  • Healthy infant birth weight
  • Proper brain development of baby
  • Fewer birth defects
  • Can reduce instance of anemia
  • Can help with nausea and morning sickness

The benefits of breastfeeding are endless! Even a small amount of breastfeeding can strengthens your baby’s immune system.

Benefits seen in breastfed babies:

nutritious foods to ward off morning sickness
  • Fewer ear infections
  • Fewer allergies
  • Lower rates of SIDS
  • Fewer respiratory viruses

**All of that means less time in the doctors office when your baby gets older!**

Believe it or not, there are immense benefits for the nursing parent as well.

Benefits for the breastfeeding parent:

  • Faster weight loss after birth
  • Less chance of anemia
  • Less risk of post partum depression
  • Special bond with baby
  • Lowered risk of breast and ovarian cancer
  • Less hypertension, diabetes, and several other medical conditions
nursing premature baby and relief for sore nipples